KES Group

KES Group is project management company created in 2007. KES Group has grown to specific project management works including construction industry, manufacturing industry, f&b industry, Cleantech & renewable energy industry.


KES Group

offers its expertise diversely for the challenges of the business world. We have experience of dozens of international projects, whether it's project development, project management, branching, import & export, real estate or many others. Through our international partner network we have the ability to offer global expertise for your needs. We are currently doing project development and management for multiple domestic and international projects in different fields of business.

World wide collaboration network

provides aid in building up your business regardless of your line of field. Our personal contacts internationally open paths to new kind of projects and opportunities. We feel that the understanding of diverse cultures is vital for survival on the international markets, affecting both business and society. This is the reason why the right kind of contacts are essential.

In addition to international connections

we can influence in your company's success on the domestic market. We'll help with needed financing and business planning, finding the suitable financing partners - and to help your business develop further.


Helps companies and/or projects find necessary financing for their ambitions let it be from sources varying from public, private or financial institutions.


We offer our expertise on any possible question concerning business for your convenience. Through our network we will bring you tailormade consulting expertise no matter the field or need.

Mergers & Acquisitions

Helping international companies acquire assets overseas to fit the strategical expansion plans and/or help negotiate potential mergers between the entities.

Growth and overseas joint-ventures

We help your company reach a natural sustainable growth whether it is acquiring new business opportunities or setting up a new market. We find the necessary business partners in local markets to help find the local market expertise, joint-venture opportunities and or supply/sub-contractor network.

International Project Management

In case you have a specific project of new business development, major real-estate or new market entry we can assist you in creating a management team using our own professionals which help you achieve your goal.

Contact us

  • Operational matters

    Reijo Virtanen

    +358 45 605 1629 (FIN)


  • Foreign issues

    Kalle Salminen

    +358 40 5845 488 (FIN)


  • Domestic issues

    Lauri Kiiski

    +358 40 664 7662 (FIN)


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